dragon roller coaster

Ride Ticket Pricing

Are you ready for some fun?  Our 3 Amusement Rides and giant Super Fun Slide offer maximum fun for children of all ages!



1 - 4 Ride Tickets .................10.25 each

5 or More Ride Tickets ..........9.75 each

(Must purchase together for discount)

If you have a group of 6 or more, please go to our Group Event Pricing Page




Mega Ride Wristbands - Unlimited Rides

*Does not include Euro High Speed Track​

60 Minute Mega Ride Wristband...........28.00

90 Minute Mega Ride Wristband...........41.50

120 Minute Mega Ride Wristband.........54.00

Mega Ride "PLUS" Wristbands - Unlimited Rides

*Including Euro High Speed Track​

60 Minute Mega Ride Wristband...........44.00

90 Minute Mega Ride Wristband...........64.50

120 Minute Mega Ride Wristband.........84.00



Dive Bomber Airplanes

1/2 Ticket

The Dive Bomber is our newest ride and a great way for everyone to enjoy the thrill of an amusement park ride. Once our crew checks with flight control, each young pilot takes flight dipping and gliding through the skies!


(36″ to 42” ride free with adult, minimum 42″ to ride alone)

Tornado Twister

1/2 Ticket 

They say there are never Tornados in Las Vegas. Well, we know that isn’t true. We see them every day! Your guests will love the experience of the twirling and twisting Tornado and are even more thrilled at taking control of how fast they spin!


(38″ to 48” ride free with an adult, minimum 48″ to ride alone)

Dragon Roller Coaster

1/2 Ticket

If roller coasters are your thrill, you will love the Dragon Roller Coaster! Our fast moving dragon is the friendly sort and brings joy and smiles with his quick turns and soaring up and down motion. All you have to do is hang on tight and enjoy the ride! 


(36″ to 48” ride free with an adult, 48″ to ride alone)

Super Fun Slide

1/2 Ticket - 4 slides

Every kid loves slides and this one is no exception! Our Super Slide is Super Fun because you get to glide down 90 feet of humpy bumpy amusement all while sitting on a potato sack! This is a must for birthday parties and every day guests who love the thrill and experience of sliding! 


(Up to 42” ride free with an adult, 42″ to ride alone)



Go karts and rollercoaster for kids. Yay,,, yummy pizza and i think $8.99 large deal during the week.  Def go!

Jean Z.